DeShaun W. Baker Ministries

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It is an amazing honor as we welcome you to a thriving set of believers whose goal is to collaborate, educate and empower. Our primary resolution in this conclave is provide insight, wisdom, accountability and apostolic covering to you as you become the completness of God while fulfilling your earthly assignment. There ar two(2) levels of this alliance:


1). Covenant Partners - This fellowship is for those who operate in the five-fold ministry gifts who are looking for covering, counsel, wisdom and impartations, but are not looking for a spiritual father. We recommend with this agreement that you have a spiritual father so that they may be notified.


2). Covenant Sons and Daughters - This fellowship is for those who are looking for a spiritual father/mentor. This is upon leading of the Lord as you totally submit to the teachings, training and mentorship of Apostle D. Baker.



To Leaders (Apostles, Pastors, Bishops, etc.)

Through this alliance, I believe that relationships will be built, lives will be impacted and God will be glorified. It is my goal to pour into you and help cultivate your purpose in the earth. My prayer for every leader is that we come together in advancing the kingdom of God.